couldn’t sleep so late night doodle

God I wish I had your talent! Your work is amazing!

THANKS MAN it’s so sweet when people say this nice stuff to me

okamipanqueques replied to your post: Requests

a very vicious looking demon who’s actually a shy sweetheart :D

Did someone say Volcarona

captainhanni replied to your post “Requests”

a hyena dude! OR a human who looks kinda like a hyena, your choice


I’m really out of practice… even just slapping colours onto this made my hand cramp up…


Hey followers make some requests, I’ll doodle for ya

3 new characters: the Oricson brother

a request from a buddy

Hello! Started following you because your demon couple looks adorable and your art style it pretty unique! I look forward to seeing some awesome stuff from you! :D