I just answered something privately that was supposed to be answered publicly…how do I get it back?!

yes sex with quil is technically plant sex but consensual plant sex.

What are you even watching/doing?

NOT REALLY someone just tagged me and it was about…..that

FUCKIN…don’t stick your dicks in gourds either! that’s not what jack-o-lantern means!

I will never understand why guys put their penises in large fruits….

you don't sound mean, i even laughed actually

ha! good I’m glad

(not meaning to sound mean I swear!)

so captainhanni has started a new webcomic and so far…it’s adorable and I really liked the lil bat messenger ha!

everyone go make marvelized versions of your characters! do it! (not really, well maybe it’s fun you should)

so umm….to the people that helped me out tonight…you know who you are. thank you so very much. i love you guys. I’m gonna go back to drawing stuff again.