I don't speak for everyone, but I would like to think that people give others the benefit of the doubt. You're a nice person, who answers anons and draws very well, we may not know you enough to say that, but we're giving you the benefit of the doubt. You /could/ be a douche, but since you haven't done a douchey thing on here, we're thinking that you are not, that you really ARE a nice person. Watch me go and make ZERO sense.

being polite and being a good person are two entirely different things. but I understand the sentiment. thank you.

something that was supposed to be uploaded last weekend.

hey man, hope things settled a bit. just wanted to let you know, that you're an awesome guy

just need a little bit more time, but thank you anon

to the anons that helped me with what I was going through yesterday thanks. it meant a lot. and thank you


Preview to upcoming……Thing? yeah you’ll know about it when we finish it!


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1. Favorite musical instrument?

2. Your favorite character from your favorite TV show.
Jake the Dog

3. Italian food or Thai food?
Italian? never had Thai so dunno

4. Pick your favorite mammal, bird, fish, and reptile
Bears, Mockingbird, Shark, Komodo Dragon

5. Fighting Games or Puzzle Games?
Puzzle games

6. A song you listen to when sad/angry
Senza Fine - Monica Mancini

7. Thighs or Butts?

8. What would you name your son?

9. Daughter?

10. Dogs or cats?

11. Post your horoscope for the day

Libra, if there’s something interesting that you’ve wanted to try, this is a great day for it. Adventure brings excitement, creative flow, and energy, which are essential to you. You’re highly artistic. Continual stimulation is required to keep your psyche healthy. Experience something new today, even if it’s a walk in a new place. You’ll get the adrenaline you need.

My questions:
1. where would you like to go before you’re too old?

2, Dogs or cats?

3. What’s one opinion you have people could never change?

4. Bacon or ham?

5. what do  you do to unwind after a stressful day?

6. Cars or motorcycles?

7. Favorite icecream flavor?

8. Did you like high school?

9. If someone gave you 5 bucks a day for the rest of your life what would you do with it?

10. Black coffee or cream and sugar?

11. Who’s the one person you appreiciate the most (make them feel good today.)

I’m not tagging anybody directly, (I don’t like putting people on the spot.) BUT you wanna do it? do it, and just say I tagged you.

I find your art style absolutely adorable, and love your reactions to anonymous messages. Keep up the fantastic and jaw-dropping work!!! <3


HEY THERE!! I AM FINALLY SELLING COMMISSIONS CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! (No really can you? cuz I don’t heh) OK so here’s the deal I’ve set prices and I think it’s fair and I’m offering some little tiny stuff too!


  • FULL BODY WITH COLOR : $40 (+ $5 for each extra character)
  • FULL BODY WITHOUT COLOR: $35 (+ $5 for each extra character)
  • COLORED AND LINED 3/4 : $30 (+5 for each extra character)
  • DIGITAL : DOODLES : $15 (+5 for each extra character)
  • DIGITAL LINE WORK $20 (+5 for each extra character)
  • I can draw just about anything you ask for! With exception to NSFW, in that sense I will only draw vanilla stuff. Sorry! (and please be old enough to ask for that stuff!)

ALSO have any little comics you’ve ever wanted doodled like the kind I make? Well I’m offering that for you too! At $2 a panel! Can be as long as you want and about almost anything you want.

provide me with as many references as possible!

If you have any questions please message me here (if I do not answer you try again tumblr probably ate your ask!)

don&#8217;t play animal crossing

don’t play animal crossing